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Welcome to practice news! This is where you will find all the latest goings-on at Berwick Smile Dental Care, along with updates to our practice, and handy tips on maintaining your lovely smile!

Indra’s blog; About Prejudice and Child Logic

It had been a long day and we ended up tired on the couch. Cuddled up together. Husband on one couch with the eldest and myself with our younger child on the other one. Then the eldest says;

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Indra’s blog; About a Big Belly and Prematurity

Summer holidays are nearly here, but unfortunately the weather left much to ask for at the start of the day. Rain, rain go away must have been the song to sing when looking outside and deciding what to

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Newsletter June 2019

Newsletter June 2019

Newsletter May 2019

Newsletter May 2019

Indra’s blog: About the Obvious Dentist’s Child

Indra’s blog: About the Obvious Dentist’s Child We were very lucky to be able to spend the previous week’s holidays abroad. The weather was just right in Spain; Nice and warm, but not too much as with my

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