Anxious Patients

‘Suffering from dental anxiety or phobia?’ You are definitely not alone. Did you know that according to the British Dental Association 25% of the British population suffer from some sort of anxiety before visiting the dentist?

We would like to reassure you that the team here at Berwick Smile have seen countless nervous patients come to our practice with this problem. So you have found the right place, because we are here to help you. The first step is making the decision that you want to try to overcome this fear. Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible and listen to your needs and worries, as well as to look after your dental health. We will answer any questions that you have, and discuss treatments with you, so that you fully understand what will happen to make the dental experience less stressful.

Our practice has been designed to be clinical, but to feel comfortable for our patients. We have televisions above the chair in each surgery for our patients to watch whilst they have treatment. You are our number one priority and whilst you are in our care you will be looked after to the highest standard. If you would like a break during treatment we are happy to stop or to go at a pace you are happy with. And to anyone worried about injections, we apply numbing gel to the area before we even begin.

Dental anxiety is a massive problem, and the longer you avoid attending the dentist the bigger the problems you might face. So before you get to that stage, let us help you combat the fear and look after your smile. We have seen it before and are able to help you!

Get in touch to book a anxiety-free consultation: you can call us on 01289 305205 or email us directly at

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