Emergency Dentistry for Dental Pain

Dental emergencies can happen for all sorts of reasons. Whatever the cause, if you think you have a dental emergency you’ll want to be seen by a dentist as soon as possible.

Dental pain can be severe, almost unbearable, which is why we promise we will never leave a patient in pain. In addition, if a tooth has been knocked out, the quicker you get yourself and your tooth to the surgery, the more chance there is of saving it. If you have a dental emergency, contact the practice immediately on 01289 305205 and we will do everything possible to see you the same day. Even if we can’t complete your treatment that day, we will do our best to relieve your pain straight away.

Dental infection is a common and potentially life threatening condition, so please do not delay in contacting us. Doctors are often asked inappropriately to see patients with dental pain, but have little to no training in this area.

A little note on emergency antibiotics

If you are suffering toothache and attend our practice for an emergency appointment we will NOT routinely prescribe antibiotics. Antibiotics are completely ineffective in the treatment of the cause of toothache, they just mask the problem. Localised dental abscesses respond well to incision and drainage, root treatment or extraction. Therefore it is important to arrange for prompt dental treatment rather than a prescription of unnecessary antibiotics. If you would use antibiotics to treat non-serious infections it would make them less effective when you have a life threatening problem (this is known as antibiotic resistance).

Antibiotics are usually only required if there are signs the infection is spreading, such as swelling of your face or neck (which could cause breathing problems) or if you have a high risk of complications (you will usually carry a medical warning card).

If you believe you have a dental emergency, please call us right away on 01289 305205 or if you’d just like some further information, you can call us or email us directly at

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