Family Dentistry

A trip to the dentist or a visit to the park? For children the choice is obvious. But for many parents, a visit to the dentist is not high on their to-do list either.

In the UK today over 30% of children have decay by the age of 5, nearly half of all parents do not take their children regularly to see the dentist and only 63% of mothers and 50% of fathers make sure their children brush their teeth every day, twice a day.

We understand that with the fast pace of life today, trying to get your children to brush their teeth, eat a healthy balanced diet and visit the dentist twice a year can be a hassle, but as anyone out there who has witnessed a young child having a filling or extraction will tell you, it’s really not.

Here at Berwick Smile Dental Care, we offer dentistry for the entire family, if you have teeth, baby teeth, big teeth, real teeth or false teeth we want to see you. And this should start from a young age; the importance of paediatric dentistry cannot be stressed enough. Not only does it make sure that your child’s teeth are and continue to be healthy but also that they get used to the staff and dental environment they will be seeing for many years to come.

Why choose private dentistry for your child over free NHS dentistry? I hear you ask. We provide the same high quality service for our child patients as we do our adult patients; we spend time with them making the experience not only pleasant but fun. We use the highest quality products meaning that if they do need a filling, it will last and they won’t have to have the procedure repeated. We want this generation to grow up with a healthy, positive view of the dentist and for every child to grow up with a beautiful smile.

A child’s new patient consultation is £37 and includes all necessary x-rays. And if you’re a plan member, for as little as £3.96 a month you can join them up too which includes our exclusive insurance, their bi annual examinations and 10% off all treatments.

For more detailed information or to request an appointment you can call us now on 01289 305205 or email us directly at

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