Indra’s blog; About Odd Socks Part 2 and Common Sense

Indra’s blog; About Odd Socks Part 2 and Common Sense

In my previous blog I told you about how my eldest son has been wearing odd socks for two years or so and that this is his signature outfit. Just to show off his quirky side even when wearing a school uniform. I got some lovely comments on my blog. One was of a very dear friend who said she only noticed he wore odd socks this week. That is quite funny as she really sees him fairly often. It just shows that even if you are slightly different, it can take a while before it gets noticed. And it shows the inclusiveness at the school. As his little school mate clearly has never noticed it enough to tell her mum

My friend also mentioned she “thinks he has strength of character and knows his own mind, therefor has the confidence to do so”. What a great thing to say and so very true.

However, there is a little thing I omitted to mention. He has not worn the odd socks EVERY single day…..but there was a very good reason for it… He needed new socks and as he joined me on our shopping trip, he obviously got to choose his own. He picked a multi-pack that had the days of the week on the socks, which he thought was hilarious. Until the next morning when he got to wear his new socks. Mum, what day is it today? Thursday darling. Oh….. and a silence fell. And there he appeared. .. with his new socks… a Thursday sock on each foot. Which I noticed straight away and queried if he gotten of his normal track for wearing MATCHING socks. Well, actually there was a reason….. obviously you cannot wear a Monday sock when it is Thursday! That would be really silly. There was no way he was going to combine those…. He knew his days and did not want others to think he did not take care in picking out his socks of the day…

I thought this was even better: He had thought about it, was not stuck in his ways, was able to get himself over something if it made more sense and just get on with it. However, two week later, when we were in the shop together again, he requested more new socks. He was fed up with the days of the week and it took too much time finding a matching pair with the right day on it as well. And yes, he has been wearing odd socks ever since again.

Conclusion: Be yourself, but common sense needs to prevail. Then turn the situation in your favour and let your individuality shine through once more! Just got to love him…

Indra x

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