Indra’s blog; About Registrations, Obligations and our Baby on Tour

Indra’s blog; About Registrations, Obligations and our Baby on Tour

Here at Berwick Smile Dental Care we try to keep up with the latest technology. Therefor we are always learning and striving to be the best we can be. We hold several professional registrations that in some cases took us years to achieve. To be able to keep these registrations part of the requirement is that I attend yearly meetings and/or conferences to make sure that we are still keeping our knowledge up to date. Normally that isn’t a problem as dates are communicated well in advance. Sometimes it is a bit of a pain as other plans were already made and have to be shifted or cancelled as these conferences only happen once every year or every other year.

There are no exceptions usually. Having delivered my baby a few months ago and not yet feeling ready to leave him behind for an extended period of time, even though being on maternity leave, does not count. So, what to do? Obviously, I felt he had to be here, with me. The only option was to take little man along.

I hold a Full Member status of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and their annual 3-day Conference was in London this year. Not around the corner, so it was not like I would be able to nip away for a day. The solution came through Alison, one of my dental nurses. She absolutely adores my baby and usually likes a cuddle or two when she gets a chance. Luckily, she was happy to come along as well to look after little man when I would be in sessions. 

The trip started not as straight forward as we thought it would be as baby decided to spread the love with a load of milk everywhere, just when I was popping him in his car seat and this set us back quite some time for a full clothes change-over for both him and me. So, we missed the train and had to wait another hour for the next one. And it did not stop there as some problems on the train tracks delayed our trip for another two hours (and the train before us for more than 3….).

While I listened to the newest advances and tips and tricks of the famous dental goeroes, Alison and my little boy went out and discovered London; from the Natural History museum to Kensington Palace and Hyde Park. They had a blast.

This weekend my conference was ‘only’ one night away and as we had to do without Alison….I have to say that the steep stairs on the underground with a buggy gave a whole new dimension to traveling. Today baby boy learnt his first bits about facial aesthetics on the IAAFA (International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics) conference with me. Let’s just think you are never too young to start learning…. Definitely not ideal, but I made it and did what I always do….. juggling life of a professional with motherhood…. Surely not always easy, but definitely rewarding!

Indra x

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