Indra’s blog; About Television Deprivation

Indra’s blog; About Television Deprivation

I can’t believe the holidays have come to an end. This time round the holidays seemed to be quite long. With my big bump trying to do fun activities seemed quite the chore. But it was not just that. Trying to keep them entertained when the weather was not all that fantastic proved a bit challenging now and again as well.

And then there were the mornings… I happened to be not very good at mornings at all… they made me wobbly on the legs and a bit sickened. So, the best thing for me was to stay in bed a bit longer than usual really and I was fine. At least we did not have to do a school run, so that was good, but what to do with these two boys that were wide awake…. Television deprivation provided the trick. … you might think what on earth is she on about now?

Well, my boys don’t get to watch much television at all…. Any screen for that matter. We really only “use” it to our advantage. For example, in a restaurant, when we are trying to get a bit of adult conversation and the boys are getting a bit wriggly from the wait, I will pop the ‘old’ phone out and they can watch some cartoons on there. And to be honest, no clue how parents used to do without… it just works wonders. On a rainy day, when they are fed up of playing inside, watching a film together can be helpful and fun. 

For the mornings this summer I have given them free reign….. to satisfaction of both parties. Even though the eldest is 6.5 years old, he could not really work the remote control yet, so after we sorted that, they were ready to go. I obviously did put the child lock on so nothing too scary or inappropriate could be watched. In the morning, the excitement was high. They would literally just ask if it was telly time yet, making sure they would not wake too early just to watch television, and after a quick check on the clock (after 7.30?) then they were good to go. The boys were happy as could be and understood that if they were too loud and mummy would wake up properly and get out of bed, that was the end of the telly party. 

The fact they had been ‘deprived’ of screen time for years gave me now a few hours in the morning when daddy was already out for work. They probably have seen more television this summer holiday than in the rest of their young lives, but I think they will survive … and having a mummy that was actually rested and able to get on with the rest of the day surely was more important.

And for now…. Back to school and back to a normal routine… until baby is here that is…

Indra xx

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