Indra’s blog; About the Arrival of Baby 3 and the unavoidable Lack of Task Resolution

Indra’s blog; About the Arrival of Baby 3 and the unavoidable Lack of Task Resolution

Here I am, writing this blog at 23.30 hours with a pair of big blue eyes staring at me. My dear mother, what on earth are you doing at this hour? Hmmm, great point, but here we are regardless. 

It all started with a message of Tamsin, who, amongst many other things, is now in charge of the newsletter. She asked if I had a moment and felt like it, if I could have a proof read and a quick look over the new issue of our digital newsletter before it was going out to all our lovely readers… as I would normally do. And so I did… as I am too curious and too much of a control freak not to. Of course, all this while feeding beautiful baby with one hand and trying to look at the new edition of her hard work scrolling on my phone with the other hand. And what caught my eye …. My blog was not there. How odd…. Why would she not include that? We normally tell about what happened the past month in the practice and try to include our regular items in the newsletter; “What’s going on”, “Transformation Tuesday”, “Patient Selfie”, “Practice Plan’ and “Indra’s blog” is always part of that. Not this month so it seems… 

I looked back and realised I actually had not written a new blog for her to include… since our beauty was born. Believe it or not, the last part of the previous blog was written in the delivery suite…. When the going was not that tough yet… to take my mind off what clearly was going on. 

I will not bore you with the wonderful and not so wonderful details of my delivery. Let’s just say that it clearly did not go to plan and I came out a whole lot more broken than I went in. The good thing was that I lost over 2 stone in 2 weeks’ time, which might give you an idea of the state I was in. My husband and I can only thank the fantastic staff at the RVI for the amazing work they did once again in keeping both baby and me safe (and alive), my in-laws Frans & Gerda for coming over at the most crucial of times and pampering me and mine, the local team of midwifes and health visitors, Susie for all she does on a daily basis and our family and friends that were/are here for us (and still help with difficult school-runs); You know who you are! And of course, my team that is coping so well without me and try to give me as much time as possible to recover and cherish my new beauty. We so enjoyed all the lovely messages, wishes, cards and gifts that came our way and we thank you all!

Back to that missing blog: After the delivery … motherhood took over. It is often so all-consuming and at times overwhelming, sleepless and so so tiring, but in the end mostly beautiful; the love, the smiles, the cuddles, the dependence of this beautiful new creature that looks so much like his brothers. You are his world and with the baby brainfog going on he is your world. It makes you forget what else is going on. Especially if there are two more brothers walking around that need some attention too. Blogging and the other 96 things on my task list were just nowhere to be found in that fogginess. And that is OK. That is how it should be I guess, but still…. After the realisation that I had messed up the regularity of our newsletter…. I had to make it right before this newsletter was going out. There are many things I can delegate to my amazing team, but not this one… after all… it is called Indra’s blog. 

Indra x

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