Indra’s blog; About the whole New Year, New You thing..

Indra’s blog; About the whole New Year, New You thing..

Let me start by wishing you all a happy start of a new decennium. May it be (y)our best year yet with the most intense smiles for you and your loved ones.

I honestly can’t believe it is 2020 already. The year just seems to have flown by; From finding out I was pregnant, to becoming 40, from going on maternity leave to welcoming this new, beautiful and heavenly chunky addition to our family and sharing this precious time with family and friends. And then to top it off, to winning these amazing awards: Best Dentist and Best Dental Practice Northumberland. Even though I seem to think it every year, this must have been the fastest year ever…. Really…

The last few months I have been mainly absorbed by caring for our family. It is amazing how quick a new member just seems to fit in and it being unimaginable that he ever was not part of that family. Now we are starting to ease myself back into normal daily routine and work life and luckily, I am finding that balance again. And it surely is not always easy, especially when the nights just seem to be so, so short…. Sleep is such a beautiful thing…

Finding the balance of not only being the boy’s mum, as if that is not enough, because it is such an honour to be part of their lives and seeing them becoming these amazing persons of their own, but it just is not all that is me. Within me is also that professional person, the dentist, that loves her work and can do amazing things within that frame. The normal every day dentistry, but especially being a smile maker who can do exactly that … making smiles.. not just the teeth, but in that most important place, the heart!

So here we go… to all of you that did or did not make New Year’s resolutions regarding their oral health or the smile they have always wanted: 

Just before the year ended I was at a ball and bumped into one of our nice patients that I did some work for a few years ago. She gave me her widest smile and said: “You did my teeth. Changed my life. Thank you so much.”

Says it all…. Come let us help your heart smile 😉

Indra xx

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