At Berwick Smile Dental Care, a revolutionary combination of proven orthodontic techniques, modern materials, and innovative thought is used to straighten teeth. Indra is certified to place specialised clear braces that will gently straighten and align your teeth in an average time of just 3 to 9 months.

Are you one of many who are generally unhappy with the alignment of your teeth and longing for a beautiful, straight smile?

The finance options we offer make tooth straightening now accessible and lower the threshold for you to start treatments in your area that will much improve your quality of life.


Here at Berwick Smile Dental Care we not only understand the embarrassment a missing tooth can cause, but also the serious effects a ‘gap’ can have on the remaining teeth. Teeth LOVE to move. If a gap appears that wasn’t there before, it is most likely the surrounding and opposite teeth will try to fill the space.

Many years ago the only option for missing teeth was a denture. There are now a number of options available for replacing missing teeth, from dentures and bridges to dental implants, all of which can be completed at Berwick Smile.


Cosmetic and complex dental treatments

Berwick Smile Dental Care is a multi-specialist dental practice offering everything from general dentistry and dental hygiene to teeth straightening and complete oral rehabilitation. Select a treatment type below to find out more.

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