Smile Design

The Berwick Smile Dental Care Smile Design service is unlike any dental experience you’ve ever had. Come in, take a seat in our relaxed environment, and lets design the smile you dream of.

You already know the lasting impression a confident smile can make, and the role it plays when meeting people in any environment. But you may also know how it feels to be less confident, and even hide your smile:

  • Are your teeth crooked?
  • Do you have any teeth that are chipped or cracked?
  • Are your teeth discoloured, stained or yellow?
  • Do you have any gaps or teeth missing from your smile?
  • Are you hoping to recreate your smile?
  • Do you want to improve your smile, but need help understanding what can be done?
  • Are you unhappy with the appearance of your teeth in some other way?

If you agreed with any or all of the above statements, then worry no longer – we’ve already helped patients with similar problems and helped design a smile they are proud of. Whether it’s just one tooth you are unhappy with, or many teeth, we can help you too!

Our team, led by Dr Indra Rampersad, is dedicated to providing every patient who enters our practice with quality dental care in a relaxing and welcoming environment. Each treatment plan is created personally for the individual, meaning that no two smile transformations are the same. This dedication to personalised treatment planning allows us to deliver exceptional results, working together with you at every step of the way. Let us help you realise a smile that will last a lifetime.

Berwick Smile Dental Care: working together with you to get the best possible results.

The Smile Design service is here to work with you. Throughout your treatment we look to give you as many options as we can to best match your health requirements, your aesthetic aspirations, and of course, budget. But it’s not just a pricelist – we are here to advise you of the benefits of each treatment, in terms you can understand, and to give you our professional opinion on what best suits your individual needs. Our highly trained staff have most-likely already helped a patient achieve the results you hope for, with any similar issues you may have to rectify, and we would be glad to answer any questions you may have, at any time.

Smile Design – more than just your pearly whites!

In addition to looking at your teeth and oral health, as you may expect, we also consider your facial appearance, skin tone, hair colour, lip shape and gum conditions to make sure that your new smile is perfect for your face, it really focuses on the overall aesthetics of your smile.

For more detailed information or to request an appointment you can call us now on 01289 305205 or email us directly at

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding can change the appearance of your smile in just a single visit!
It is seen as artistry in the mouth. The process involves the skilful use of the correct amount and colour of “dental composite”, which is a mouldable tooth-colored composite resin (white filling material) to your …

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Oral Rehabilitation

Have you been struggling with dental problems for years? Indra can help you!
We often see patients that come to us as a ‘last resort’. They might not have seen a dentist for several years, or they are suffering from long-standing dental issues that other dentists have not been able to resolve. Not seeing the end of the tunnel but still …

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are so natural-looking and feeling that you may forget you ever lost a tooth!
Does having a missing tooth mean you smile with your hand over your mouth? Has it knocked your confidence? At Berwick Smile Dental Care we understand that this is often the case and we …

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Denture Stabilisation

Suffering from loose, unstable dentures can lead to problems when eating, speaking or smiling.
Are your dentures unstable? Has it knocked your confidence? Dentures can very easily be secured by little posts in your jaw, implants. Two to four implants, fitted at strategic points in the jaw, can provide …

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Straight Teeth

Get the smile you have always wanted!

Are you one of the millions of adults who are unhappy, self-conscious or even embarrassed of your smile?
Did you once spend years undergoing painful orthodontic treatment and unsightly braces only to see your teeth slowly slip back to their former wonky ways? Are you one of many who are generally unhappy with the alignment …

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Teeth Whitening

A special fast working system which you, under the guidance of our dentist Indra, can carry out in the convenience and comfort of your own home.
It is very important to do this safely, so not to damage the teeth. With the correct application and use, teeth can be whitened …

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Veneers are thin shells of porcelain or composite placed over the front of teeth. In that way they can cover minor cosmetic flaws such as chips, change the colour or shape of the teeth and overall create a uniform natural-looking, perfect smile.
Most people suffer from some form of gum disease, and it is the major cause of tooth loss in adults. However, the disease develops very slowly in most people, and it can be slowed down to a rate that should allow you to keep most of your teeth for …

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Dental Health

We understand that the appearance of your teeth is important but overall your oral health is MORE important than the way they look. Without good oral health you may not be able to achieve the smile of your dreams.
At Berwick Smile Dental Care we want to create a strong …

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Looking for the perfect complement for your new smile?

Our patients are amazed by the difference our Smile Design service has made to their smile, and we can bring the same artistry and medical skill to your facial appearance. Our Make Me Younger service can offer improvements to your facial aesthetics, smoothing those wrinkles – with instant results!

Visit our Make Me Younger page right now to learn what we can do for you!

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