Oral Rehabilitation

Have you been struggling with dental problems for years? Indra can help you!

We often see patients that come to us as a ‘last resort’. They might not have seen a dentist for several years, or they are suffering from long-standing dental issues that other dentists have not been able to resolve. Not seeing the end of the tunnel but still hoping that somebody might be able to make a difference. Do you feel the same? Have you been struggling with dental problems for years, being told that there is nothing that can be done by your dentist and you just have to cope with it? Or do you feel that your mouth is in such a state it can’t be turned into a smile to be proud of anymore? It can be difficult to take that step towards change, but our team here at Berwick Smile Dental Care are here to help you. It is not too late. Our dentist Indra is very experienced in treating challenging cases. Whether this concerns a single tooth or the whole mouth, a small problem or a combination of several more complex issues, we really have seen it all. We promise we can get you and your oral health back on track. And the best thing? We will get you smiling your brightest as well!

Because everybody’s wants and needs are different, Indra will create a bespoke treatment plan for you, which can include any of the treatments we offer. We will extensively discuss your options, to make sure you can choose what is best for you within your planned budget. To ensure your experience with us is stress-free and convenient, interest free finance is available, subject to status.

For more detailed information or to request an appointment you can call us now on 01289 305205 or email us directly at

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