Erin Walsh

Dental Nurse & Receptionist

Erin started her dental nursing career unexpectedly in early 2010 when being employed as an NHS trainee dental nurse after applying for a reception job as the manager felt she had potential. After falling in love with dental nursing, she studied at Edinburgh’s Telford College and qualified with a National Certificate in 2012. Joining the Berwick Smile team was something Erin had hoped to do from the early start and at the end of 2013 she got her chance.

“Before moving to Berwick Smile Dental Care I had no idea how many possibilities there were for patients. I was very much conditioned to the NHS idea that if a patient was in pain their tooth would be filled or pulled or they would receive antibiotics until the tooth could be filled or pulled and that is simply not the case. Of all the patients I have come to know and care for at Berwick Smile Dental Care there has never been one case that Indra has not been able to help and not just by patching their teeth up, but by actually giving them their dream smile they have always wanted within their budget. Her work is inspiring!”

Outside of the dental practice Erin lives with her son Jack Hayden who keeps her very busy. Most of the patients who visit our practice will be entertained with funny stories of Jack when Erin is nursing as he is always up to something, which gives her a tale or two to tell.
In the future Erin hopes to further her career at Berwick Smile Dental Care and in the dentistry world, but is undecided in which direction to take.
Erin is registered with the General Dental Council (232575) and is a member of the BADN (British Association of Dental Nurses) and the DNN (Dental Nurses Network).

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