Why Choose Us?

Happy with your dentist? If not, You have a Choice!

What makes a good fit between a patient and their dental practice? How you select a new practice will depend a lot on what you expect from your dentist. I’m Indra, and I’m the principal dentist at Berwick Smile Dental Care, where my team and I provide high-quality treatment in a friendly environment. As well as routine dental care and emergency appointments, we offer a comprehensive range of preventative, cosmetic and more advanced restorative treatments to people of all ages.

I believe we are the best choice for you and your family; We Listen; Our patients have commented that they have never had as complete an intake examination as with us. We take the time to gather your information, listen to you so we know where you’ve been and where you would like to go and how you would like to get there. While believing it’s our responsibility to inform you of our findings, answer your questions and provide you with information and written treatment options – it’s your right to decide what works best for you. We will help you with this process without being pushy’.

We are committed to continuing dental education and travel regularly around the country and abroad to keep on top of changes in modern dentistry. After extensive postgraduate training, Berwick Smile was the first to provide dental implant treatments and short term adult orthodontics in the area. I’ve provided numerous smile makeovers from the routine use of veneers and whitening to more complex cases needing a combination of veneers, orthodontics, crowns and implants. I like to think that I’m known locally for being patient, gentle and taking on challenging cases; In my eyes everybody should be able to smile with confidence.

“As we are independent we have shorter waiting times and can attend to the needs of you and your family quickly and professionally, while giving you the time that you deserve. We have expanded opening hours and also block time for dental emergencies so that if you need us chances are good we can see you the same day, aiming to solve your problem in that same appointment.”

As a practice dedicated to prevention, we have a highly qualified hygienist who is able to professionally clean your teeth and show you the best way to keep them free of plaque. She is also available to give you advice on diet and prevention of decay’.

Choose clean, safe, independent treatment; All Berwick Smile Dental Cares sterilisation equipment is state of the art. Their digital x-rays take images of better diagnostic quality but with up to 90% less exposure to radiation! All treatment rooms are private and your health care information is kept safe.

Only the very best quality materials

‘Do you know what is in your mouth? We only use the best performing materials for the restorations we make for our patients. While grey amalgam restorations are still commonly placed in most dental practices, we use white composite restorations when removing decay or replacing old fillings. If a treatment plan requires a porcelain-bonded-crown for strength we always use precious metals. A lot of our veneers, crowns and bridges are metal-free and always custom hand-crafted by master artisans, not mass produced or of inferior materials. The result is greater quality control, personalisation and better, long-lasting results for our patients’.

‘Making a wonderful and healthy smile accessible to everyone is our aim. To help you spread the cost of your treatments we offer (interest-free) finance facilities (T&Cs apply) and have our own membership Care Plans with massive discounts (10% on general treatments) and multiple benefits’.

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